Why The United States Is Not A God Trusting Nation

Trust in God agency that aggregate you do you does because the Spirit is aural allegorical you. You don’t attending to added things for advice or about-face to childishness or acted and you are not gluttonous wealth. Yet these are all the things Americans pride themselves in and they use accoutrements to assure themselves and allowance to pay them aback if something is absent or destroyed. Their bill buck the claims “in God we trust” but the absoluteness is that the country is the antecedent of things that argue it.

There are abounding in the USA who are appropriate admiring humans but the all-embracing angel is one of a nation of annihilative forces. Almost aggregate bad in the apple today has emerged from aural its borders including abandon in the anatomy of movies, games, weapons, and pride to be amount one in the world.

People are axis animal because of the images they see on the screen, a lot of of which comes from America. Tattoos are a case in point as they not alone attending abominable but they backpack letters that are an abhorrence to God. Hollywood is to accusation for blame make-up, adorableness products, and appearance to the limit. Celebrities are examples to adolescent kids to chase and they alpha adolescent to attending like their idols.

Drugs, alcohol, and addictions of all kinds are blooming and idols and icons are in abundance. So area are the laws that should be laid out for humans to chase who seek to be abutting to God? One would be harder apprenticed to acquisition them.

These words are meant for those who assurance in God and who put their lives in the easily of the Spirit:

“But now, O God, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are all the plan of thy hands.”. Isaiah 64:8

It is not in God that the USA trusts but rather in money, guns, and abandon while bags die every year through the murdering rages aural a abashed nation.