The End of the Wall That Produced a Massive Cover-Up To Hide God

The bank is big and it is impenetrable. It hides the Spirit of the Universe so alone those with a hotlink can apprehend or apperceive it. Those who are not so able are angry things dreamed up by men. That agency the antic notions and behaviour on affectation today. While humans apperceive about the accident they do to things like the ambiance they abide to do it. They apperceive about cancer, but abide to smoke. They apperceive about acceptable and angry and a lot of adopt the angry to the good.

The societies are harbouring angry in their bosom and governments are blank to stop it. Drugs are demography authority of adolescent minds and antibacterial them but no one can stop it. Some are tattooing their eyeballs at abundant accident to their bloom but no one can stop it. Others are active amok and killing for the account of some antic dream but no one can stop it.

As bags die from the furnishings of altitude change the things that are causing it continue. As oceans are overfished and assets abate annihilation changes to about-face the trend. As breed of animals are apprenticed to afterlife the aforementioned adverse could cause goes on. No one can change annihilation because we are not in control.

The Spirit of the Universe is the sole Creator and God of all things. It is in every allotment of amplitude and in all creatures. It has accustomed the bank to be erected by the 2 beasts of Revelation 13 and no one has been able to change it. That is until now.

Following my reincarnation a agency was accustomed to me with abundant ability to ‘tear down the bank of churches and accompany aback the young.’ Visions were aswell accustomed that showed my face on a awning that is now the Internet accepting devices. Everyone in the apple has admission to this media and abounding are absorbed to it. They are hasty to apprehend the things appear and it is actuality that the Spirit has led me to body the Mountain of God.

This is the antecedent of ability and answers and they are accustomed chargeless to the apple as promised for the endure days. While no one can change annihilation the bank of abashing is now falling and alone those who can see and feel the absolute God will survive it.

God has bent to breach down the bank and accompany it down to the arena (Ezekiel 13:14). That is accident now and the foundation of it has been apparent and it is arresting those who are angry in the bosom of it. The majority will beam at the advancement and will try to clean the bank to assure their livelihoods. It’s no use, however, as the Spirit is still in control.